then I draw it

(some of C├ędric Rivrain illustration. He's more than amazing)


Make it Better

And here I come with all of my fault. It’s been al long time a didn’t post because of the swim meet. STOP MAKING REASON! I am a bad bad bad bad blogger. I’m really really SORRY to you guys. I'm gonna try and make my blog even better.

Some pictures have taken by my little sister. The lollipop is my little sister’s. The dress and the shoes are my mom's. I like this dress because of the motive. It describes an elegant city in the past makes me want to be there and explore the old city by an old car or an antique bike. How elegant it is! But tell me first how to drive them.

Last, please tell me what do you think about my new header!



Finally today I really felt alive after 2 weeks. 2 last weeks seemed like a bad dream. Ah. Maybe that’s too much. But I was really crappy two weeks without the Internet. Computer doesn’t seem too useful anymore. I also became a blogger with bad etiquette who did not post since 2 weeks ago. Maybe more than two weeks.

Now i try to forget the problem-of-the-death-of-the-internet-for-two-weeks which is very annoying to make origami . Yes I know. I am like a teenager who had never experienced childhood in kindergarten. But folding the colored papers into many shapes is fun. I mean folding the colored paper that I never touched for many years. I found them when I was cleaning my shelf. So I thought it’s better to use it than make it rot in my shelf. And this is the result.

1. Elephant
2. Giraffe
3. Rhinoceros
4. bird
5. turtle
6. rabbit

7. goldfish
8. whale
9. stingray fish
10. mackerel
11. fish
12. Tropical fish
13. Squid
14. Seal
15. Octopus
16. Crab
17. shark

These are some gorgeous experimental fashion garments titled Geomorfos by artist Mauricio Velasquez Posada. The pieces, patterns, and folds create very unique structure that others have never thought. Lady Gaga should wear one of them. I think this is something complicate because very hard to the models wearing the dress from the white paper(if the material is original paper) after designed it. White paper is very easy to torn, fold, and dirty. I can’t imagine realistically wearing these. But do not care about that. The impossible must be done if we believe. This is the same as Thomas Edison when he found a lamp. He tried thousands of times things that other people think is impossible to do. If someone invites me to create something like this, I wouldn’t think long to say YES. I can’t create it by myself because you must know what going to happen if your mother find thousands of white paper, large and small pieces of paper, and glue make your room full so the floor can’t be seen again. Beside it, use paper as much as it would exacerbate deforestation. Greenpeace could be protesting in front of my house. Well, I don’t want it.