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Hello there!
Feel so blessed being a girl. Seek your girl power, then you'll be a Kartini!

Firstly I decided to take a new look about Kartini's day but big rain and thunder came and the sky is really dark, so taking picture might be a bad idea. So I post this.

These looks were taken few days ago. I wore the sweater which actually from my sister's shop but the buyer ran away or something so I claimed it. The sunglasses is somewhere from China and the shoes are my mom's. Those shoes are probably from 20 or 30 years ago so it's kind of vintage.  I minded to do dark pictures but it ended up like this.

I was in Bali last week. With Sophie, Novita, and Michelle. We met other friends, chilled out, and do things that mostly girls do on the beach (like trying to make tan skin, which mine is pretty fail). Bali is one of beautiful islands of Indonesia. I had gone here a few times but never get bored. It is the best place to do absolutely nothing. It is really sad that I am back to school and examination week is coming.

Anyway, about the competition on my last post, I didn't win. But that's really okay. I think the participants were great so I don't feel like I'm losing. That just means that I have to do better on the next competition. Thank you for the support! That means a lot.


Local Blogger ID

 This photo is used for LocalBrand.co.id 's blogger competition. (Wish me luck)
I found this competition few days ago on Sonia Eryka's Instagram.
The theme is about pattern outfit. 
You just need to post your look on your Instagram and Blog.
You should join too!


Ruthless game

These pictures taken two months ago but I haven't had a chance to post it.

I designed this dress and looked for the fabric myself. It was actually the first time I ever buy the fabric for my own dress. I and Karin went to draperies and bought meters of fabrics. There are bunch of terms that we first heard about textile's stuff (especially for the cotton). It could be counted in scorching sun interesting experiences.

And something about the make up. I was into smokey eyes, black lips, and black dresses for a while and go to some parties with them (Obviously without the black lips. I am not a rocker freak or Gothic girl). But then something happened so I decided to move on. I actually wanted to try red lips but when I looked the mirror, I saw a 78 years old version of injured Gwen Stefani. So me and red lips are done.

Anyway, I am making a list about what I want to do before I die. I plan to make it a hundred and share it.

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 This is the last post of my days in New Zealand.
Taken on somewhere where seals live.



Hey again!
This time I'd like to share a trip to Hobbiton, The Lord of the Ring and The Hobbit movie set.
It is located on Matamata, North Island.
This place was built in a real farm and it was used for the hobbit's village in the film.
The view is incredible and exactly like in movie.
The houses are so cute. Some of the houses are big and others are small. SO this is the interesting fact. They filmed the small houses for giants and other big creatures so they will seem big, and the big houses for the hobbits so they will seem small. In fact, they have human size. So one scene was probably filmed in different times.
Ant there is another thing you must know. The houses just can be looked from the outside because there is nothing inside. The inside was filmed in a studio in Wellington.
But still, this is a MUST place to visit when you go to New Zealand. It's awesome and very New Zealand. You won't see greener grass than this place (from my experience).  I've got nothing to regret about visiting this place.



If I haven't told you, I spent most of the days on Palmerston North. It is the hometown of my grandparents and most of my siblings. I stayed in my grandparents' house, which feels like my second home. The house is small but lovely and there is garden around the house where I and my sisters often ate sour blueberries.

This was a day on Palmerston North. I went to my aunt's amazing farm. The weather was so good and the plums were ready to be eaten from its tree. They tasted so sweet in the middle and sour in the skin. OMG I am craving for them now! Sadly there is almost no plum around here.
Then I was on a trip around North Island.

I was on the end of North Island. You may have known that I've been there from my instagram. Well, to reach that place, we had to go by car for hours. So to kill the bored feeling, I ate most of the cookies in the car. Back to the hotel, I found out that my weight increased. Hahaha.

A waterfall we found in the middle of the trip where you can see the back side of my blouse. I made this blouse anyway (with mom's help). FYI I bought the pants on Bandung with really low prize yet it is super comfortable.

Anyway, one of the reasons I came to New Zealand was my granddad is sick and he wanted my family to visit him. Let's pray for him getting well soon so he can go to Indonesia this year.

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New Zealand

Happy Chinese New Year!

Eventually I am here since I've been gone for holiday. There are a lot things to share with you. I've been to one of the most beautiful country in the earth. I've been there for 3 weeks and I left my school (of course I was given punishment and I missed many classes). Well, I had been to New Zealand 10 years before and surely I forget almost everything about that trip. One of the reasons I came there is to meet my grandparents. A lot of my relations live there so it's like family gathering with holiday as the bonus. I and my family travelled around North Island by car. I saw so many farms, vineyards, and sometimes fields. I'd be glad to share everything about New Zealand but I think it's gonna make this blog kind of tourism blog. So I will share them on my own way. Enjoy!

Lovely old caravan. Someone really spend their life here!
One of fish and chip take-away. Fish and chip in NZ is so good. 
 Free market in Palmerston North. Secondhand stuff and fresh food are sold.
 These secondhand puzzles are only $1 or $2. What a great deal!
 Found this book store in Paihia!

 And of course sheep!
Great spot to see Auckland



in vacation

Hello there!
I am in New Zealand right now. Finally! After a tired long journey.
I wrote this in my older sister’s tab. We met in our transit in Sidney.
I haven’t written with this before so it is kind of annoying because I can not post any photo.
However, i will write many things about my trip here as soon as i find out how post photo here or I find computer with internet connection.


forever young

The school has began and I am suprisingly enjoy it. I like being around my friends and my classmates are the best! Being science's student is quite stressfull but with them, I feel like I don't have to face it alone. I could smile even if I failed in my test and I still could laugh even the tasks are so plenty.

I've just done reading a book titled 'Dark Love' by Ken Terate. This book is about a girl who gets pregnant when she's just 17. The story is about how she gets through her pregnant's day with nobody's knowing except her boyfriend. The most interesting thing is the author doesn't tell us who is this girl's boyfriend (who made her pregnant) so we have to guess who he is from her closest friends. And my guess was wrong! By the end of reading this book, I became more respect to my body and my life. It's good being a good girl.

I'm wearing things that I haven't wear them before, except the shoes. I like this stuff but I had not found how to wear them perfectly. I'm wearng double shirts and white short skirt and a net stocking. I'm loving the stocking so I think I will wear it more often.

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a Deer's Closet

Thanks to God because He let me be in this year. I can tell 2013 is great. I'm sure you're gonna love it. 
In the last minute of 2012, I made it to be a flashback moment. I thought about my life in that whole year. All bad and good things that have happened. After all, they give me a lot lesson to learn.

- a Deer's Closet -

So In this new year, I'm about to make a resolution. I want to be somebody who's better than I was, who live a life with a grateful and caring heart, and have a big heart to reach her dream. I'm getting ready to face everything that may come this year.
What about your new year's resolution? I'm glad if you share it in the comment.

Then by the spirit of new year, I decided to change my blog's name. I'd like to name it "a Deer's Closet".
Why deer? Deer is the most beautiful animal I've ever known. It's strong, agile, and also charming. I wish I could be human version of a deer.