I'm in science class and find people who adore it

Just a quick post from me.
I have a cold and it makes a bad headache, so I can't open the computer too long. I have wasted so much tissue, sorry earth. So now I'm going to watch 500 Days of Summer all over again to forget my cold. It's allways been favourite movies all the time. And I got a good news today. I passed the models seceltion for my school 's art night fashion show. I couldn't believe I passed. Some parts of myself are proud of me and the others are just too excited.

My younger sister told me about Balmain Spring 2013 Menswear Collection. It could instantly make every girl wondering to be a boy in a day or at least an hour, just to wear that collection. And I do. In domination of beige color, Balmain seems leaving denim for a while. Traditional featuring vintage impression doesn't make them out of gallant men's choices.