in vacation

Hello there!
I am in New Zealand right now. Finally! After a tired long journey.
I wrote this in my older sister’s tab. We met in our transit in Sidney.
I haven’t written with this before so it is kind of annoying because I can not post any photo.
However, i will write many things about my trip here as soon as i find out how post photo here or I find computer with internet connection.


forever young

The school has began and I am suprisingly enjoy it. I like being around my friends and my classmates are the best! Being science's student is quite stressfull but with them, I feel like I don't have to face it alone. I could smile even if I failed in my test and I still could laugh even the tasks are so plenty.

I've just done reading a book titled 'Dark Love' by Ken Terate. This book is about a girl who gets pregnant when she's just 17. The story is about how she gets through her pregnant's day with nobody's knowing except her boyfriend. The most interesting thing is the author doesn't tell us who is this girl's boyfriend (who made her pregnant) so we have to guess who he is from her closest friends. And my guess was wrong! By the end of reading this book, I became more respect to my body and my life. It's good being a good girl.

I'm wearing things that I haven't wear them before, except the shoes. I like this stuff but I had not found how to wear them perfectly. I'm wearng double shirts and white short skirt and a net stocking. I'm loving the stocking so I think I will wear it more often.

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a Deer's Closet

Thanks to God because He let me be in this year. I can tell 2013 is great. I'm sure you're gonna love it. 
In the last minute of 2012, I made it to be a flashback moment. I thought about my life in that whole year. All bad and good things that have happened. After all, they give me a lot lesson to learn.

- a Deer's Closet -

So In this new year, I'm about to make a resolution. I want to be somebody who's better than I was, who live a life with a grateful and caring heart, and have a big heart to reach her dream. I'm getting ready to face everything that may come this year.
What about your new year's resolution? I'm glad if you share it in the comment.

Then by the spirit of new year, I decided to change my blog's name. I'd like to name it "a Deer's Closet".
Why deer? Deer is the most beautiful animal I've ever known. It's strong, agile, and also charming. I wish I could be human version of a deer.