Piece of Missy Franklin's ardorous

¿cómo estás

It's been more than a year and luckily I did not forget that I've got my own world with you here. Stuffs and other stuffs with their stuffs make this blog is threatened to be forgotten by me. I thought this blog has met the end and it's going to be a mini time capsule that I'll read 50 years later- or not. I will be too embarassed to read how ridiculous I was with messy words and labile mind I had . 

But a chance meets ​​me with someone who suprisingly read my blog. We talked about my blog a while and he encouraged me to do this again. And I miss blogging so .......... yeah I do! I do not know if people still read blogs. Hopefully they still.

A lot of things have changed- not include my height and it sucks- especially the habits and the tastes I dress. Now I prefer a tribal top with high waist short than cute bright pink dress with little jeans material to be my choice to go out- maturity?- And the most surprisingly change is now I could cry a lot by watching a soap opera! And I watch them in my spare time! Before, I knew it was just a drama and I would not be carried away by the super talented actress. Perhaps this is an effect of a hormone to maturity of a woman- maturity again! Glad to hear it.

Top: Forever21
Shoes and skirt: Hongkong
Bracelet: Bali island

Months ago, I built an online shop with my friend, Karin. It's La Petite Mode. A tiny one maybe. But it's huge for us and we really really hope that people- and you -like it. HAPPY SHOPPING!