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above: shoes and dress are mom's. I didn't cut my hair. Just tied it.

Hi guys! How are you? Anyway, happy weekend! Weekend seems coming faster recently. I'm so glad. But the final exam next week!!! I'm a bit nervous. What about you??

Finally I can post. The Internet connection is really bad here because of rain. Everyday rains here. I really miss you guys.

Have you seen the 7th Harry Potter's series part 1? Well I think that's one of the best movies from Harry Potter's series. I don't really like the sixth but the seventh is awesome. But the most I like is Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. Mrs. J.K Rowling is genius! She always makes who reads her book can't stop read it and the director can make who watch the movies stunned.
However, the fashion in that movie is adorable, especially Hermione. I love her cozy style. These are pics about her style that I have found.

Talking about food, I went to 'Warung Pasta' (Pasta's Cafe) today. The fettucini tasted great and the pizza too. But now I have to think twice if I want to eat pizza there because I waited the pizza for about AN HOUR! *sigh* My friend told me the delivery service of Warung Pasta is better. I probably will try it. Anyway I want durian ice creamm!!! And the Fererro Rocher!!! Oh man! My appetite is really big recently. I guess I'm in the climax of the growth. However, you have to control your weight Jessie! hahaha.

Well, the things that make me sooo happy are I'm in teenvogue.com and the 6th of top19teenbloggers.com. Thank you so much for your support :) XOXO


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Elle Italia Nov 2010
photographer : Carlotta Manaigo
the featured model is Lesly Masson, not sure who the others are.