Sweet Nothing

Hello there!
Feel so blessed being a girl. Seek your girl power, then you'll be a Kartini!

Firstly I decided to take a new look about Kartini's day but big rain and thunder came and the sky is really dark, so taking picture might be a bad idea. So I post this.

These looks were taken few days ago. I wore the sweater which actually from my sister's shop but the buyer ran away or something so I claimed it. The sunglasses is somewhere from China and the shoes are my mom's. Those shoes are probably from 20 or 30 years ago so it's kind of vintage.  I minded to do dark pictures but it ended up like this.

I was in Bali last week. With Sophie, Novita, and Michelle. We met other friends, chilled out, and do things that mostly girls do on the beach (like trying to make tan skin, which mine is pretty fail). Bali is one of beautiful islands of Indonesia. I had gone here a few times but never get bored. It is the best place to do absolutely nothing. It is really sad that I am back to school and examination week is coming.

Anyway, about the competition on my last post, I didn't win. But that's really okay. I think the participants were great so I don't feel like I'm losing. That just means that I have to do better on the next competition. Thank you for the support! That means a lot.