at the end of Sepetmber

Hi all !! I miss you a lot.
I wrote this in an Internet cafe near a university because I still can't posting with the Internet at home (and school). The blogger doesn't work. I really want to ask someone why. Please tell me if you know. When it works, I think I can posting more often.

Well, in the very beginning this September was not really good. But in the end, I think September loved me. I had really good exams results, hang out with my friends, and watched great movies. I also can posting something

These are what I love in September. Taken by me and my sister.


s o r r y

Hello guys!
Just a quick post from me.
Really sorry for the long long wait.
I'm a bad bad bad blogger, aren't I?
I'm in a mid semester test now so I have to study hard and can't spending enough time to post something.
One more bad thing is I can't posting with my computer (I don't see what's wrong there) and my laptop doesn't work.
I wrote this post by my mobile phone btw.
I'll be here soon. Wait me ok?? :)



Hey guys! I’m back! Sorry for the long wait. I had a bad headache and fever, so I must not touch the computer until I completely healed.

Anyway, Longchamp is back! With the fall/ winter 2010-2011 ready to wear’s collection. Animal side is the main inspiration for this collection, revelling in the luxury of fox, the softness of lamb or the sensuality of leopard. They are fabulous, although I must ask if it uses the original products of animal. Ok, now you know. I’m sort of animal lovers, although I hate insects. Hey! Insects and animals are different, aren’t they? The animal inspiration is interpreted sometimes literally, through opulent touches of fur, and sometimes figuratively, in the form of eye-catching prints on hi-tech fabrics. As ever, the ready-to-wear collection reflects the spirit of Longchamp bags that’s why I love this collection.