Late Christmas Celebration

It's a little bit late but I'd like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAY TO YOU ALL!
I want to wish you a merry merry Christmas. I hope you feel the spirit of Christmas with grateful heart.

I spend this Christmas' eve by attending mass in the cathedral on my town with my friends and have a great dinner with them. In the Christmas's morning, I was being a volunteer for kid's Christmas celebration in my Church. My heart was warmed by those cute kids' singing and laughing. What could be better than that? And at the end of this special day, I watched movie with my family.

Novita and Michelle came to my house today. We did our late-Christmas celebration because Novita just came home yesterday from her holiday. We did a fun photo session themed Christmas. I was a reindeer, Michelle was the women version of Santa Claus, and Novita......... she was pretty happy with her character for being a Christmas tree with a star-shaped-paper on her head (We're sorry, dear. But we couldn't think about anything else and I'm sure you didn't want to be the black peter.).
These photos was taken just by iPhone because something wrong with my camera. I beg my dad to buy me a new one because my camera seems hating me lately.


Merveilleuse À Promenade

Sorry for gone a little while. I was busy with some stuff and my camera was broken so I couldn't take any picures. Anyway, I feel like I am leprechaun who is dancing at the end of a rainbow with my pot of gold because I couldn't wait about tomorrow, the last day of final exam and it means, holiday is so close! I will make a list about what I'm going to do on my holiday. And I have vowed to myself that I won't waste this holiday.

Remember about I passed a model selection in my school? Well we-the models- perfomed in our school's art event. The event was going too well and I really had a good time. Our show named Merveilleuse À Promenade. The concept, the video, the photoshoots, everything are made by high school students (thanks to them) except the make up artist and the gowns. The gown was designed by Indonesian fashion designer Susan Zhuang. In the end, we had done our best and we did it. I learned so much from this show.
Now I'm showing you our show's introduction video.

I like this video so much. It looks like we were in a professional backstage. With make up, hairclip, the messy and stuff. The idea was from my good friend, Kate. I think she is the best from us. She has the talent to be a real model. She is so skinny and tall -I'm not sure how much her height but clearly she is taller than me- and she also has a great style and creativity.
I had taken some photos before I did the make up and stuff for the show. I wore a jumpsuit from Topshop, blazer from Stradivarius, and wedges from Nine West.

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Ethnic Retro

Saint Aloysius HS 2 (my school is Saint Aloysius HS 1) holds some competitions for high school student in my town in every academic year. There were Ethnic Retro (a competition of fashion designing, but you and your team had to used second-hand stuff to make your design and two of you had to be the models), photography, etc. Last academic year, the themes was Carnival and I joined the photography contest. I had to picture the Ethnic Retro moments. Suprisingly, I went to the final and got the 3rd place!

Here some photos I took at the Ethnic Retro!

 (above: The photo that made me went to the final)

 (above: The photo that made me got the 3rd place)

 (above: me and my friends who got the 2nd place at Ethnic Retro)

This academic year, I joined the photography contest again. Actually I wanted to join the Ethnic Retro but I had a cold so I couldn't be too tired. This year, I had to take photos from some models. It's quite tiring how I had to instruct the models to do some poses and some models often didn't get it. It's really a new new experience. I also got some photography techniques from the workshop of one of the judges, Affandi. But sadly, I didn't win this year.

and some of my friends who joined the Ethnic Retro


I'm in science class and find people who adore it

Just a quick post from me.
I have a cold and it makes a bad headache, so I can't open the computer too long. I have wasted so much tissue, sorry earth. So now I'm going to watch 500 Days of Summer all over again to forget my cold. It's allways been favourite movies all the time. And I got a good news today. I passed the models seceltion for my school 's art night fashion show. I couldn't believe I passed. Some parts of myself are proud of me and the others are just too excited.

My younger sister told me about Balmain Spring 2013 Menswear Collection. It could instantly make every girl wondering to be a boy in a day or at least an hour, just to wear that collection. And I do. In domination of beige color, Balmain seems leaving denim for a while. Traditional featuring vintage impression doesn't make them out of gallant men's choices. 


Seventeen before The Independence Day

We celebrate our Independence Day on 17th of August. Do you have any clue what my country is?
My country is Indonesia and we have beautiful and meaningful national song. Two-thumbs-up for who guessed it rightly.

It's been 67 years since Soekarno-Hatta (our greatest men. RIP) declared the independence. I'm in the mood to talk a bit about politic and social life in my country (don't worry, this is still a fashion blog).

Well, Indonesian has some good people but it has some bad people too. Bad because they stole people's money by corrupting and if they get arrested, they will be punished less than poor people who stole a chicken for their family's meal. Meh, It's really not fair. Maybe it created social inequality, which becomes bigger everyday, because rich people get richer and poor people get poorer. If Indonesia wants to be a developed country, people have to get same rights, and it needs everyone to change their mindset and start thinking about others. Yay! Got some Soekarno's spirit.

"This country, the Republic of Indonesia, does not belong to any group, nor to any religion, nor to any ethnic group, nor to any group with customs and traditions, but the property of all of us from Sabang to Merauke!"- Soekarno

I also had my birthday last week, and it's the seventeenth. If you don't know, in Indonesia, girls celebrate their birthday when they are seventeenth, not sixteenth like in Canada or USA, or fifteenth like in Latin American. Whatever the age is, when you get the age (and you are a girl), you will be seen as a young women, like you have your own car, your ID card and Driving's license.

So I made myself ready. And what happened is, that day was going way too great. I had some surprises from my best friend and family! And on the next day, my sweet dinner day (spotted). I wear a dress designed by Lasalle alumni and I invited my close friends. It was going better that I thought and we had a lot of fun by doing absurd games. Big thanks to the MC, Adrian and Michelle.

Tell me how was your sweet birthday going and if you haven't, let me know what do you want for that special day!

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Piece of Missy Franklin's ardorous

¿cómo estás

It's been more than a year and luckily I did not forget that I've got my own world with you here. Stuffs and other stuffs with their stuffs make this blog is threatened to be forgotten by me. I thought this blog has met the end and it's going to be a mini time capsule that I'll read 50 years later- or not. I will be too embarassed to read how ridiculous I was with messy words and labile mind I had . 

But a chance meets ​​me with someone who suprisingly read my blog. We talked about my blog a while and he encouraged me to do this again. And I miss blogging so .......... yeah I do! I do not know if people still read blogs. Hopefully they still.

A lot of things have changed- not include my height and it sucks- especially the habits and the tastes I dress. Now I prefer a tribal top with high waist short than cute bright pink dress with little jeans material to be my choice to go out- maturity?- And the most surprisingly change is now I could cry a lot by watching a soap opera! And I watch them in my spare time! Before, I knew it was just a drama and I would not be carried away by the super talented actress. Perhaps this is an effect of a hormone to maturity of a woman- maturity again! Glad to hear it.

Top: Forever21
Shoes and skirt: Hongkong
Bracelet: Bali island

Months ago, I built an online shop with my friend, Karin. It's La Petite Mode. A tiny one maybe. But it's huge for us and we really really hope that people- and you -like it. HAPPY SHOPPING!