Paris I'm in love

Guess what? 
My mom has just back from Europe! Gosh! I was so excited. 
It’s not good 20 days without her.
and the more exciting thing is, she came with the most awesome items. Europe is awesome. 
Well, actually, I haven’t been there. 
But by see the pictures about Europe, I know that Europe is an exotic continent. 
My mom went to Paris, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Poland, etc.

One thing that is undeniable -and you definitely know- is, Paris is the fashion capital of the world! 
A ton of best designers were born there. 

So these are some of the awesome items.


                                               GUCCI                                                                                             LONGCHAMP 





Hey guys,
I was on vacation with my family in Pangandaran Peninsula from last Thursday until Saturday. A little vacation. But it was amazing. We enjoyed our times together and did exciting things. I bought a beach hat, t’shirt, and shorts. The seafood is really delicious. It’s good or bad, but my skin is getting darker because of the sunlight.

Some photos from my vacation.



favorite resort

Perhaps a little late, but I think they are fun to review. I spent much time on Resort. Explore the Resort has become my newest hobby. Actually it’s a bit weird. Even though, for me Resort is an infinite source of inspiration. Until now I still can not believe that the designers call their works as ‘Resort’. They are too perfect! Amazing colors and details have been stealing my heart. But I have to choose some to appear here. Click to enlarge.

NINNA RICCI. With the dominance of soft colors succed to respond women’s need. The detail of lingerie lace feels classy . Fabric likes washed parachute silk also gives a feminine impression.

MIU MIU. "Fun, sensual, insolent." Miuccia Prada's prescription for Miu Miu's Resort collection. Dress forms inspired by the shady ladies of Paris in the early 1940's. So they don’t really show something new. This is all about having fun with the motives and colors. Apples prints be the main feature in this collection. Armful of bracelets is a unique attraction that adds festive atmosphere. Shoes are my favorite.

GUCCI. How perfect if a girl owned this whole collection for her vacation*. Traveling sounds classy. I guess she doesn’t want to wear other clothes. I like the idea of animal prints. But the most i love is the swimwear, top left. Gosh! Can I get that?

* not vacation to the pole or somewhere that can make you burn or freeze.

LOUIS VUITTON. No high heels?? That’s ok. Who said your foot looks worse without the super high heels? Easy-on-the-feet sandals and ballerina flats from LV can make legs look even more beautiful. Everyone looks beautiful when wearing this Resort collection. About clothes? I think we don’t need to talk about about the clothes. Too gorgeous!

MARC JACOBS. Gosh! He is genius! Making everyone falling in love with his work is one of his talents. It was hard to choose some to appear here. Color options, patterns and models are really charming. The fabrics look comfortable to wear. Wearing this collection without accessories is not a problem. You just need to wear the hat then you will ready :)


am I four?

Hi guys,

Last saturday my mom bought me a doll. A light brown teddy bear. It's soft and warm. I want it since last year. But I wasn’t brave enough to come into the store because that is a baby equipment shop in a big mall and surrounds by clear glass. When I was walking pass the store, I looked like a little kid wants an ice cream. My face was really pitiful.

Wohoooo... I get it now! Okay this is really childish. I feel like I’m still 4. However I’m falling in love with it. I gave my new teddy a name, Jesse. Jes(me), can you stop acting like a toddler? It's very embarrassing.
I proved my love for Jesse by letting Jesse participate in these photos. I was wearing my childhood dress (i suprised it still fits.). When i was younger, I felt the dress is longer. Well, i grew up.

 the bag : DIY


Today's photoshoot

dress : my mom's
shoes : my oldest sister's
bag : used to be my mom's (I found the bag in my mom's wardrobe)
shorts : gift
bow : from New Zealand (actually that is a toy)

make up by : Janice
photos by : Cindy
model + stylist + editor  by : Jessie (me)

me v.s. kung fu panda
wedges v.s. foot