Ethnic Retro

Saint Aloysius HS 2 (my school is Saint Aloysius HS 1) holds some competitions for high school student in my town in every academic year. There were Ethnic Retro (a competition of fashion designing, but you and your team had to used second-hand stuff to make your design and two of you had to be the models), photography, etc. Last academic year, the themes was Carnival and I joined the photography contest. I had to picture the Ethnic Retro moments. Suprisingly, I went to the final and got the 3rd place!

Here some photos I took at the Ethnic Retro!

 (above: The photo that made me went to the final)

 (above: The photo that made me got the 3rd place)

 (above: me and my friends who got the 2nd place at Ethnic Retro)

This academic year, I joined the photography contest again. Actually I wanted to join the Ethnic Retro but I had a cold so I couldn't be too tired. This year, I had to take photos from some models. It's quite tiring how I had to instruct the models to do some poses and some models often didn't get it. It's really a new new experience. I also got some photography techniques from the workshop of one of the judges, Affandi. But sadly, I didn't win this year.

and some of my friends who joined the Ethnic Retro