ESMOD Fashion Festival

Hello July!! July means holiday is almost end! *sigh* I'm a bit scared about getting in on my new high school. I'm scared if my high school will be worse than my junior high school. I have so many good friends here. I think I'm not ready to leave them. And my best friend Mario will go to different high school. We never go to same school. It's gonna be great if we can!

But I'm also excited! Those are lots questions about my new school, Saint Aloysius High School. Will I have new good friend there? How will my new class looks like? How will my new teachers look like? Will I be able to follow the lessons? Will I be a good high schooler? I hope that everything will funner than junior high school.

Many things happened last week. My little sister went to France and Germany for three weeks. She's in an interchange program with a German named Naja. I have never separated with her for more than a week so I'm missing her a lot.

My eldest sister Janice has graduated last week. She learned fashion business retail on ESMOD. The graduation was by showing her last collection with a student from fashion design program named Henry. Henry is a great fashion designer. I'm loving his style! I will show you some last collections by ESMOD Jakarta's student. These are original my Indonesians young people ;)

Let me know what do you think about this fashion show especially my sister's!


the most stunning..........

some gorgeous shoes!


my sister and Henry's

and ............ finally


The ending of my junior high school :')

halloooo ..........
Oh my God, how I miss blogging and absolutely you guys!
I'm really really sorry for not said goodbye 6 months ago and didn't give any word.
I feel guilty especially because I passed this blog's first birthday. I feel so bad.

I didn't blogging for loooooooong time because I had to passed many exams for entering high school.

But now everything is over. Junior high school is over. I miss it so bad!
You might confused why I graduated in this month.
but in Indonesia, we go to next grade in middle year, not in December.
So in Jully, I'm officially gonna be High School's student! How excited I am!
I join Saint Aloysius Private High School and lucky me, I had scholarship there!

So this is my last photoshoot. I tried to change my hair style and to appear boyish with boyish stuff. The jeans jacket was my mother's when she was young and it's really cool. Enjoy it! :)