The ending of my junior high school :')

halloooo ..........
Oh my God, how I miss blogging and absolutely you guys!
I'm really really sorry for not said goodbye 6 months ago and didn't give any word.
I feel guilty especially because I passed this blog's first birthday. I feel so bad.

I didn't blogging for loooooooong time because I had to passed many exams for entering high school.

But now everything is over. Junior high school is over. I miss it so bad!
You might confused why I graduated in this month.
but in Indonesia, we go to next grade in middle year, not in December.
So in Jully, I'm officially gonna be High School's student! How excited I am!
I join Saint Aloysius Private High School and lucky me, I had scholarship there!

So this is my last photoshoot. I tried to change my hair style and to appear boyish with boyish stuff. The jeans jacket was my mother's when she was young and it's really cool. Enjoy it! :)