If I haven't told you, I spent most of the days on Palmerston North. It is the hometown of my grandparents and most of my siblings. I stayed in my grandparents' house, which feels like my second home. The house is small but lovely and there is garden around the house where I and my sisters often ate sour blueberries.

This was a day on Palmerston North. I went to my aunt's amazing farm. The weather was so good and the plums were ready to be eaten from its tree. They tasted so sweet in the middle and sour in the skin. OMG I am craving for them now! Sadly there is almost no plum around here.
Then I was on a trip around North Island.

I was on the end of North Island. You may have known that I've been there from my instagram. Well, to reach that place, we had to go by car for hours. So to kill the bored feeling, I ate most of the cookies in the car. Back to the hotel, I found out that my weight increased. Hahaha.

A waterfall we found in the middle of the trip where you can see the back side of my blouse. I made this blouse anyway (with mom's help). FYI I bought the pants on Bandung with really low prize yet it is super comfortable.

Anyway, one of the reasons I came to New Zealand was my granddad is sick and he wanted my family to visit him. Let's pray for him getting well soon so he can go to Indonesia this year.

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New Zealand

Happy Chinese New Year!

Eventually I am here since I've been gone for holiday. There are a lot things to share with you. I've been to one of the most beautiful country in the earth. I've been there for 3 weeks and I left my school (of course I was given punishment and I missed many classes). Well, I had been to New Zealand 10 years before and surely I forget almost everything about that trip. One of the reasons I came there is to meet my grandparents. A lot of my relations live there so it's like family gathering with holiday as the bonus. I and my family travelled around North Island by car. I saw so many farms, vineyards, and sometimes fields. I'd be glad to share everything about New Zealand but I think it's gonna make this blog kind of tourism blog. So I will share them on my own way. Enjoy!

Lovely old caravan. Someone really spend their life here!
One of fish and chip take-away. Fish and chip in NZ is so good. 
 Free market in Palmerston North. Secondhand stuff and fresh food are sold.
 These secondhand puzzles are only $1 or $2. What a great deal!
 Found this book store in Paihia!

 And of course sheep!
Great spot to see Auckland