Waiting is not a something fun to do

This week and last week were not so good. Internet in my house didn't connect for a week. Just imagine! A WEEK WITHOUT INTERNET!! At first I heard that people (especially teenagers my age) now addicted to technology, especially on the Internet. They can't live away from it all. If don't use it all on one day, they will feel there is something less. Even better, do not eat than not browsing, chatting, or playing online games. I used to think it's just nonsense. But apparently this happened to me. During a week ago I was pacing in front of the computer to see if the Internet is connected. Meh, a week without the Internet is really excruciating.

So this is the photos I took last week. located in my room with my sister camera. The dress is my sister’s. The shoes looks oversize, doesn’t it? That’s my mother’s. The blue flower is my mother’s brooch.

So let me know what you think!


A beautiful nightmare

Hello all..........
Today, I want to tell you a story about my strange dream when I was 8.
I don't know why but I still remember it till now.
A short dream, but unforgotten.

I woke up in the morning and “Hey, I’m not in my bed again”.
There was a soft voice rippled near my ears.
In front of me, there was colourful abstract geometric shapes wall (I don’t know how to explain it) around me.
Really beautiful mixture colouring but bedazzle.
Maybe like this............

I was very scared. However, that’s weird and if someone who wake up in the morning and find himself not in his bed again (except he can walk while he sleep). That's absurd. But this is true. Then I was thinking about the possibilities who can explain this. I was not sure if I had been awake or I was in my dream. If I was in my dream, I don’t want to get up now (It was a rare dream, wasn't it?). To convince myself, I try to imitate people do in the films and cartoons, PINCH my arm. But then the wall has gone and I woke up. Blahh ! I regret.

Some colourful prints that use geometric & abstract shapes and patterns to create great lines, definition, and prints in clothing (random)