Waiting is not a something fun to do

This week and last week were not so good. Internet in my house didn't connect for a week. Just imagine! A WEEK WITHOUT INTERNET!! At first I heard that people (especially teenagers my age) now addicted to technology, especially on the Internet. They can't live away from it all. If don't use it all on one day, they will feel there is something less. Even better, do not eat than not browsing, chatting, or playing online games. I used to think it's just nonsense. But apparently this happened to me. During a week ago I was pacing in front of the computer to see if the Internet is connected. Meh, a week without the Internet is really excruciating.

So this is the photos I took last week. located in my room with my sister camera. The dress is my sister’s. The shoes looks oversize, doesn’t it? That’s my mother’s. The blue flower is my mother’s brooch.

So let me know what you think!


  1. I love the repeated strapped heels! They look good on you! I wear my mom's heels! :) I love stealing my mom's clothes to wear! The outfit is chic and well put together!

  2. that is one lovely dress!!! i really adore the shoes with it too.. doesn't seem too obvious that it's big on you!:D

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  3. o super cute! :) love the strappy shoes! - who cares if they're too big! and i seriously don't know what i'd do a week without internet... crazy thought! http://improcrastinate.blogspot.com

  4. cute, I love both the dress and the heels

  5. thank you very much all :D

  6. lovely dress!


  7. eta pasti sepatu cici lu ato sepatu nyokap lu kan jess??
    teu modal sia! hahaa