Halloween never be a big day here

The weather is really bad here. In the afternoon sun scorching my skin burns. evening with heavy rain with lightning and thunder. *sigh*.I think this is the cause of the Internet on my home network mess. *double sigh*.

If you are active in the twitter or often we hear the news, you must know about earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, and several other natural disasters are occurring in Indonesia. They swallow a lot of casualties. I’m really sad because of it. These disasters left deep scars for many people. I hope this all ends soon.

I have said that I’ll show you the pics about my city anniversary parade. But unfortunately I do not get satisfactory results. Instead, I show you pictures of my city in the past. Perhaps you (and me) haven’t born. My city is kind of exotic and unique.

dutch army


Ursuline convent; now my school

Pics are inspired by ancient clothes models. Everything is my mother’s old stuff except the purse is new from Europe.


When Autumn Comes

I was off the day before yesterday and my town celebrated 200th anniversary 2 days ago. So what’s the retail? Well, my school is across city hall. There was a big stage was in front of city hall to celebrate my town anniversary so, the street in front of my school was closed for a while. Also, there were a big parade on almost the whole city: some horse-drawn carriages, decorated cars, motorcycles, and pedicab and many more. I really wanted to have a see but what can I do? There were traffic jam everywhere because of the parade. But I’ll try to ask some my friends whose their house passed by the parade (I live on suburban).

My result of the half first semester has been announced and it was suprising me. I have the highest score in my class! I was excited. My heart jumped everywhere. *cheering

So these are the photos that I told in the last post. We were wearing dresses from butik biasa, Bali.

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Brightness Dawn

Super WOW collection from Setareh Mohtarez.Very inspiring. I get excited about the fabric. It is a specially designed printing technique.


Why do weekends always seem to pass faster than Monday?

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By the way, these pics have taken by myself. Finally,my mom bought me a TRIPOD! A
s I has been thought, a tripod makes taking photos much easier.  With a tripod, you no longer need to pile up tables, chairs, boxes of shoes, books, etc. to get the best side to take a picture. It helps me a lot.

I don't remember where I got what I wore in these pics. My memory is awful. I just remember that the gloves made by my little sister because she had done it a few week ago. I hope my brain can save more memories so I can remember beautiful events like what happened this week. My oldest sister who studies in Jakarta went home this week and we were having great times together. We took many pictures and I'll show you some of them.