Indonesia has it

Well, I'm back.... It's been a week since I last posted!!! Tomorrow is first day for Mid Semester Test. This is very important for my result. I'll be in a hard week and less posting :(.

Today, I'm going to share you about Barli Asmara. He is a designer from Indonesia and he is my favorite Indonesia's designer. You know why? Because he always makes something new and inspired. This is Barli two thousand and eight collection in Jakarta Fashion Week*Indonesia has it too-haha. The photos are from Dewi magazine and http://www.fasity.com/gallery/jfw08-dewi-fashion-knights-barli-asmara.

this is so coollll........

Sorry this is just a quick post because-you know-tomorrow I have to take an exam(History, Economy, and Geography) so I have to sleep now. It's 10.35 p.m. here.

Good night everyone. God bless you all :)



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