Today isn't a holiday

Umm, long time no post? Long story. In short, I was busy with more homework and more swimming exercise. Next week I gonna be in a swimming competition. That's make me nervous :(

Today I wasn't school because I had headache and stomachache. Really bad, huh? But I was getting well in the afternoon so I took over a dress*from my sister, a cardigan, a stocking, and my mom's high heels. My sister helped me to take these photos. She is a great photographer, isn't she? Enjoy!

I have to sleep now. It's 10.15 p.m. here. Good night! Happy weekend!


  1. hope you feel better!
    cute stockings btwwwwww

    i just started my own fashion blog,
    pop by and visit one day and i'll continue to return the favour :)

    lady stardust x

  2. Gorgeous photos and outfit,
    and sorry about the late reply to your lovely comment!
    Panda. x
    P.s -hope your having a great holiday!

  3. I love the pics!!!!!!!

  4. lady stardust: Thank you very much! You are sooo sweet. I like your fashion blog btw :)
    Panda: thank you very much. It's ok.
    Isabelle: Thank you very much!