We made and designed

Hello all...

Today my mom and I tried to design and make a dress. Just a simple dress. We didn't spend much time but we really enjoyed. My mom thaught me how to cut fabric well. And guess what?? Cutting fabric is easier than cutting paper (and more fun) :D.

This is our made. What do you think? Do you like it? Please tell me :)


Actually, it's easy to make it. You just need a mannequin, grey fabric, fabric scrissors, some pins, and your creativity.


  1. Ooh - it's very chic! I love the ruffles down the chest. I see someone like Blake Lively wearing this dress :)

  2. omg! is just super!
    well done to you and your mother!
    so lucky,to do so nice things by yourself, whenever you want!!!
    i would like to invite you to visit my blog!
    hope you like it! kisses!

  3. P.s. - i gave you a blog award! Check it out on my blog ♥